My siblings /triplets/ *11.3.1975 +11.3.1975

My siblings /triplets/ *11.3.1975 +11.3.1975, 2007, concrete

Triplets – Anton, Robert, Peter, *11.3.1975 + 11.3.1975. Too short story of my siblings- triplets who I never experienced personally, never seen because they were born even before me and on the same day and they died … The essence of this work is work flow itself. Own creative technique of recess negative sculptures directly into the dirt and pouring concrete I follow the ideological concept works. Memories that I can look in the visual archives of my own brain embody solely by touch. Negative modeling, without continuous visual control l was digging up my own hands in the dirt sort of cavity in the shape of newborns. In this way I created empty spaces in the form of notional bodies of my siblings that I poured by concrete. I only work by touch. Targeted deprivation of visual perception and the actual visual inspection of the work allows me to experience and feel what I never had the opportunity to see and experience in person. I take the risk of surprise from the final form of the work, as well as to resign its subconscious esthetic.